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The MAC n Cheese strain is a captivating hybrid born from the union of two legendary strains: Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC1) and Exodus Cheese. This strain is a visual masterpiece, boasting a bushy growth pattern with a prominent main cola. Topping it can lead to a lush sea of green.

One of the standout features of MAC n Cheese is its incredibly dense flower structure. When you crack open a package of MAC n Cheese, the aroma is likely to be your first sensory delight. True to its name, the terpene profile of this strain leans towards a cheesy fragrance.

Upon lighting up, MAC n Cheese delivers a pungent and sour flavor profile, leaving a diesel-like aftertaste on your palate. The combined effects of these two potent strains result in a very mellow and well-balanced experience.

MAC n Cheese is an ideal choice for an afternoon smoke session, offering a relaxing and enjoyable journey for cannabis enthusiasts.


Ertrag Außenanbau600-750 gramm pro plfanze
Blütezeit9 wochen
Erntemonat im FreienSeptember
Ertrag Innenanbau550-650 gramm /m2
Height indoor filterLow - 80cm - 120cm
Innenhöhe90 - 120 cm
Außenhöhe150 - 200 cm
Erntemonat im Freienend of september
ParentsMiracle Alien Cookies x Exodus Cheese
Genetics70% indica - 30% sativa

Mac n Cheese feminized - Schwaben Seeds

Preisab 4,99 €
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